I came across a YouTube video in which a Ukrainian artist (needs verification) was painting using sand. I found it beautiful, and thus began my career as a sand artist. I am a self-taught sand artist, and the glass canvas that I use to showcase my work was designed by myself. My first live show as a sand artist was in 2010 in an event called ‘Kalarnava’. I don’t create just paintings as a sand artist, I also take my audience on a journey through the stories that I create using sand. I have also performed at various corporate companies like Wipro, Seimens, Emids, Accenture, Sony, Sap labs, EY, Herman, Hindustan Uniliver,Benz, Audi, General Motors and many more. Besides corporate gigs, there are event- specific performances for anniversaries, birthdays etc. I have also performed at an IPL- workshop. here are some images from my show / performances.